A Touch of Glass
About Me
 My interest in glass started when I was a young girl.  During summertime, I would vacation with my family on the shores of Lake Huron.  My grandpa and I would collect beach glass.  The vibrant colors and smooth textures of the glass fascinated me.  I’ve always had a strong affinity for glass, no matter if it is blown glass, stained glass, or a mosaic.  There’s a quality about it that demands my attention.  After studying at the Chicago Mosaic School, I have been creating my own glass mosaics since 2006.  Each time I create a mosaic, I’m taken back in time to the tranquility I felt as a little girl with a handful of beach glass.
About My Mosaics
When I first started creating mosaics a few years ago, they were gifts I made for family and friends.  I felt a lot of joy in creating each piece, and was delighted by the reactions of those who received my gifts.  I  realized that my mosaics could make others happy, and have been creating them for the public ever since.  My specialties include glass-on-glass pieces such as windows, and glass-on-wood decorations for the home.